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Praise for Radiant Lyre: Essays on Lyric Poetry

"The essays are eminently readable, foregoing critical theory in favor of a deep engagement with poetics....poetry readers should find the book wonderfully engaging, enlightening, and at times, lyrical."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Writerly know-how that brings poems back to their lyrical roots in music and genre so that readers even of familiar poems will hear a voice that calls them to something beyond and yet still intimate to themselves."
-- The Bloomsbury Review

"Radiant Lyre refreshes and deepens our reading of lyric poetry. It illuminates poetic thinking. It is a rare critical book--at once artful, pragmatic, and radiant."
-- Edward Hirsch

"[Radiant Lyre] is a book of happy immediacy--as if these seven poets decided to put on a pot of coffee and stay up talking, with much knowledge and enthusiasm, about poems all night."
-- Susan Stewart

"Excellent anthology of essays on the lyric."
-- Dimitrios Kalantzis, American Book Review

Praise for The Coronary Garden

Ah to be the one for whom the love poems in this sexy, brainy, elegant book were written. But which of them isn't a love poem? To the mouse's nest, the stinging nettle, the pig's "rude smell," the body in all its frailty and resilience: to the gorgeous, mortal, material world. Lucky world, to be seen so clearly and yet? and therefore? loved so well. Lucky us, to have such poems to steer by."
-- Linda Gregerson

"Ann Townsend's new, transformative work reconciles the rich traditions of such representative figures as Marvell, Thomson, and Clare. Alternately metaphysical and pastoral, The Coronary Garden is acute in detail and subtle in its formal commitments. The poet's light and luminous touch is everywhere. Townsend is especially telling in her hold on the life within her reach, both her domestic, romantic, immediate world and those other, contemplative, interior gardens. She is a country poet, whose nurturing power is persuasion."
-- Stanley Plumly

Praise for Dime Store Erotics

"Ann Townsend writes the romance of "everyday" life in Dime Store Erotics but the exquisite act of her affection makes every minute a precipice, every detail an opening door -- not into the dime store but out into the spinning original dimensions of her lyric consciousness. She is an intoxicating poet."
-- Carol Muske